L'Alpin is getting a new look

The story begins on February 7, 1990, I tip the tip of my nose to Toulouse, pink city, city of Nougaro, city of my sports debut.

Nothing says that 26 years later, little Thomas (who still has not grown up) would open a restaurant at the foot of the slopes of La Clusaz but yet, this love for this small village of Haute-Savoie is 15 years old.

Since I was little, I have been looking for the height of the peaks to be able to escape, and nothing like a station like this one, at the same time beautiful and warm, alive and so calm, dynamic and convivial.

Mountain enthusiast, so you’ll understand, so I left my land Cathares to do a sport study in the Pyrenees in Bagneres de Luchon. After studying mountain sports, I decided to come back to Toulouse to continue in Staps where I went to a diploma of Rugby coach.

But all these years, I realize that what I like is to please people, to feel in the right atmosphere, and for that nothing of the Southwest for the festive moods, aperitifs with family and friends. The idea starts from there. I realize that I love cooking, I love to eat, I love to indulge with small dishes.

So I decided to go abroad in this region to make my ranges. Capital Region of Gastronomy. Region close to my passions, a region that allowed me to come to Annecy and here in La Clusaz.

Now I am here to share some convivial moments worthy of the Southwest, with a warm kitchen. But here, to guarantee you complete satisfaction, I selected local products and our dear Swiss and Italian neighbors.

Feel free to send me your comments, now, welcome to our adventure.